• iGuardPayroll

    The best way to learn more about iGuardpayroll is to try it yourself. The link below will get you to the website. ?Feel free to try the functions and to generate some payroll & management reports.


    Management Reports

    In addition to the on-screen reports, iGuardPayroll can generate reports in Microsoft Excel format (.xls). ?These include the Time Card Reports, Access Log Reports, Late and OT reports, Leave reports and more.

    It can also generate Employees' Monthly Pay Slip for salary purpose.

    A lot of options are available for these reports to suit your business needs.

    More report types are being developed and will be added when they are ready. Feel free to let us know if there is any particular report type that you may wish to have. We may do it for you for free!!!

    Time Card Report

    Access Log

    Late Report

    Late Chart

    OT Chart

    Early Go Chart

    Leave Report

    Leave Report - Individual

    Salary Slip